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September 2018 Archives

Motus: mobile worker car crashes due to rise in smartphones

The vehicle management and reimbursement platform Motus has released its 2018 Distracted Driving Report, and the results touch directly on the mobile workforce in North Carolina and across the U.S. The most crucial of its findings is that there is a link between the increase in car crashes among mobile workers and an increase in smartphone ownership.

Three safety tips for restaurant workers

If you have a food service job in North Carolina, it is crucial for you to know the potential dangers in your workplace. Wet floors, hot materials, heavy objects and overworking can all lead to injuries in a restaurant. Whether you work in a fast food restaurant, coffee shop or five-star establishment, you must be diligent in staying safe. 

Inspection blitz finds driver and truck violations

In June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its International Roadcheck inspection blitz. During that time, there were 11,897 taken off of the road in addition to 2,664 drivers. Of the inspections that were conducted, 45,400 were the Level I variety. For drivers, the most common reason why they were taken out of service was for hours-of-service violations. Other top reasons included not having the right type of drivers license and false record of duty status.

The impact of reality-based elements in teen drivers' education

Interactive, reality-based elements could do a lot to boost teen driver education courses. This is the conclusion of a Baylor University study, which analyzed the effect of a supplemental drivers' education program on teens' risk awareness and driving behavior. Parents of teens in North Carolina may want to learn more about the program.

Roundabouts can affect pedestrian safety

Pedestrians in North Carolina may choose to walk for a number of reasons, including health, lack of a vehicle or even to reduce their carbon footprints. When an adult walks instead of drives to their destination, they will need to take care to remain safe while on the road.

How to help the SSDI application process move faster

When North Carolina residents apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, they may find that the process moves too slowly. People who apply for benefits often need the support urgently, so the delays and lags in the process can be difficult to deal with. There is often little a person can do to speed up the pace of an application, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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