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When you need a bicycle accident lawyer local to Jacksonville, N.C., call on us.
We are committed to fighting for our friends and neighbors.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Jacksonville NC

Bicycle Accidents

On North Carolina roads, drivers often don’t give cyclists the space they need. The result can be tragic accidents. After a bike accident, don’t wait to get the support you deserve. Talk with the Jacksonville, N.C., bicycle accident lawyers at The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A., today. Our dedicated lawyers have decades of experience helping the people of Onslow County after serious bicycle accidents.

Call us or contact us online for a free and confidential case review. We are available to talk over the phone or in person at a location that works for you. We do not charge any fees to begin work on your case. In fact, you only pay us if we win money for you.

How Our Jacksonville, NC, Bicycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

After a bicycle accident injury, you may be wondering what comes next and how you can hold the driver who hit you accountable. These can be difficult questions with complex answers, but you don’t have to handle them by yourself. A bicycle accident lawyer in Jacksonville, N.C., can help.

An attorney from The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A., can help you through every step of the process. This includes:

  • Investigating what happened and determining who could be held responsible
  • Answering your questions about the accident and how to pursue fair compensation for your injuries
  • Gathering essential evidence for your claim
  • Working with experts to assess your accident and your losses
  • Figuring out whether third-parties such as helmet or bike manufacturers could be partly at fault in the accident
  • Finding important sources of compensation
  • Managing the calls and paperwork that go along with a bicycle accident case
  • Standing up to insurance companies for the compensation you deserve
  • Advocating aggressively for you in any bicycle accident settlement negotiations
  • Taking a bicycle accident lawsuit to court to protect your rights, if necessary

Compensation for Bike Accident Victims

After an accident, bills and out-of-pocket expenses can add up quickly. But you may be out of work and unable to pay them. A bike accident claim can demand compensation for these losses and provide the resources you need to move forward.

After a bike accident in Onslow County, compensation could include:

  • Coverage for the medical bills related to your injuries. A bike accident can result in major injuries that can require surgeries, hospital stays, and rehabilitation to manage. All of this care can get expensive fast, but a bicycle accident case can pursue compensation to pay these bills.
  • Replacement of your lost wages, and compensation for the damage the accident did to your future earnings. Bike accidents can prevent you from working in the short-term and take away your ability to work in the future. A bicycle accident claim may pursue compensation for your lost income and lost opportunities.
  • Pain and suffering compensation for your experience. Bike accidents can leave people emotionally distressed and in pain because of their injuries. A claim can seek compensation for what you endure after an accident.

Depending upon the facts of your case, additional types of compensation may be available. If you are wondering what fair compensation should be in your case, talk with a Jacksonville, N.C., bicycle accident attorney today.

Time Limits for Filing a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit in North Carolina

After a bicycle accident, you typically have three years from the date of the crash to bring a lawsuit for your injuries. If someone you care about passes away because of injuries from an accident, you generally have two years from the date they pass to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. However, there are some exceptions for each of these rules.

Speak with a bicycle accident attorney from our firm about the specifics of your case. We can work quickly to protect you and your rights.

What to Do If You’ve Been Hurt in a Bicycle Accident in Jacksonville, NC

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you may be exhausted as you focus on your recovery. Your health always comes first, but there are some simple steps that you can take to protect your claim, even during painful times. These may include:

  • Holding onto any documentation related to the accident
  • Following the doctor’s instructions, including orders to rest
  • Staying off social media
  • Keeping a journal of any pain, emotions, or difficulties that you experience
  • Refraining from giving a statement to insurance adjusters
  • Speaking with a bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Even with important safety gear, such as a bicycle helmet, it’s easy for riders to get hurt in collisions with motor vehicles. Common injuries include:

  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of mobility

Common Causes of Bike Accidents

Leading causes of bike accidents include motorists who are:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Opening doors in front of cyclists (otherwise known as “dooring” accidents)
  • Sideswiping while passing
  • Turning to pass in front of a bicyclist

Talk to a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville, NC

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, call The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A., today. We are here to help you. Our trusted local bicycle accident lawyers have decades of experience successfully handling these types of cases. We can walk you through what to expect and fight for the full compensation you deserve.

Learn more about how we can help by talking with us today. For a free and confidential consultation, call us or reach out online now.

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