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Frequently Asked Questions on What to Do After a Car Accident

Published February 12, 2021 by The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A.
Frequently Asked Questions on What to Do After a Car Accident

No one expects to get into a car accident. But such situations happen abruptly and unexpectedly. At the snap of a finger, your car can get totaled and your life endangered due to the actions of a reckless and irresponsible driver.

After a car accident, the worries swim through your head as you wonder what you must do. Well, you cannot hesitate. This is the time to be decisive and take action, while focusing on protecting yourself. There are many things to consider following an accident.

Protect Yourself, Seek Legal Advocate

Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to what you should do after a car accident:

  • What actions should I take immediately after a car accident?: If you, your passengers or the other driver are hurt, call for an ambulance. Exchange information with the other driver. This includes insurance company information, license plate number, name and address and contact information. Write down everything related to the accident. Take photos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved. Determine whether there were witnesses and get statements from them. Contact authorities and provide all essential information that will help your case.
  • Should I talk with an insurance company?: Only if it is a representative of your insurance company. You should file a report with your insurance agent right away. Explain the situation and what happened. However, you must avoid talking with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The latter does not have your best interest in mind and will attempt to gather incriminating and misleading evidence against you. Decline any conversations with them.
  • What happens if I am hurt and I cannot afford to pay my medical bills?: If injured, immediately seek medical attention. Paying the initial bills will be your responsibility. However, once your case has been resolved, the at-fault driver’s insurance company must pay compensation for damages such as your medical bills.
  • How can an attorney help me?: An attorney will protect you, guiding you through the entire process while making sure no one and no company takes advantage of you. A car accident attorney will explain your legal options, especially after an injury. Other ways an attorney advocates for you include collecting evidence, hiring investigators to find out what happened and reconstructing the accident. An attorney will negotiate with and confront the at-fault driver’s insurance company that neglects its responsibilities.

A car accident is problematic, affecting your life in so many ways from your health to your pocketbook. However, you can overcome such an obstacle. Knowing what to do in the aftermath of an accident can help.

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