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How North Carolina Is Raising Awareness for Driver Safety

Published October 25, 2018 by The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A.
How North Carolina Is Raising Awareness for Driver Safety

The state of North Carolina has several public health programs aimed at improving driver safety. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, or NCDHHS, runs these programs for the public.

One such program that helps increase drivers’ awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and how it can lead to crashes, serious injuries and fatalities is the state’s Breath Alcohol Testing, or BAT, program. The state uses a highly visible type of mobile unit to provide public education.

North Carolina BAT Program Checking Stations

The state has seven BAT mobile units. Each of the units is a purpose-built vehicle, made specifically for the state’s BAT program, and measures up to 45 feet long. The BAT mobile units help officers at DUI checkpoints, and they also participate in public awareness events. The mobile units prominently display in vivid black and red the program motto: “Booze it and Lose it.” The units are fully equipped with Intox EC/IR breath alcohol testing instruments, onsite magistrate’s court to process arrestees, police officer workstations, fingerprinting kits, high-intensity light towers, restrooms and wifi. The units are virtually mobile police stations for testing and processing drunk drivers.

How BAT Contributes to Improved Roadway Safety

North Carolina’s DWI checking stations help improve safety on the state’s roadways by stopping and checking drivers for alcohol impairment. Drunk drivers cause accidents that lead to serious injuries or death. By checking these drivers and getting the impaired ones off the road, the state takes a proactive approach to maintaining roadway safety.

The BAT program’s public awareness campaign helps educate the public about the dangers of drunk driving and its consequences. A DWI conviction in North Carolina can result in harsh punishment, including a suspended license, fees and even jail time.

North Carolina law enforcement authorities make efforts to educate the public about drunk driving and keep the roads safe for all drivers. Being aware of the legal limits for alcohol as well as defensive driving strategies can help you avoid a motor vehicle crash.

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