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Wrist Pain May Be an Occupational Injury

Published November 20, 2018 by The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A.
Wrist Pain May Be an Occupational Injury

It can feel trivial to complain about wrist pain compared to other injuries, but a stress injury in the wrists can be debilitating. There are many reasons a wrist injury can occur, and many of the causes are not sudden.

Long-term problems such as repetitive stress are known to lead to wrist pain, which means that for many workers, the repetition of wrist movement is causing chronic issues.

Motions that are repeated over and over can inflame the joint tissues or cause stress fractures, particularly if the injured person is performing the motion for hours with no break. Any activity that is performed with the hands and wrists forcefully enough or often enough can lead to wrist pain.

Certain Occupations at Greater Risk

Due to the repetitive nature of many jobs, certain employees are at a higher risk of developing wrist pain. Occupations in manufacturing, construction and food processing have a higher risk, but so do other industries such as office work, transportation, health services, seamstress work and more.

Any job that keeps an employee working on the same task over and over for long periods of time, even if those tasks aren’t considered laborious and intense, can cause an injury. These injuries can cause long-term damage and limit motion in the future.

While some workers may think this pain is the price of the job, any employee that develops a repetitive stress injury due to the nature of their job has the right to workers’ compensation and associated benefits. It may not seem like a big deal, but any days off related to the injury, doctor’s appointments, medications, braces or other treatment should be covered by an employer.

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