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OSHA focuses on excavation safety with updated NEP

Trenching and excavation operations in North Carolina and elsewhere in the U.S. present a high risk for worker injuries and deaths. There were 130 of the latter between 2011 and 2016, and of those, 49 percent occurred between 2015 and 2016. In response to this increase in deaths, OSHA has updated the National Emphasis Program that concerns trenching and excavation.

Construction workers face the risk of scaffold injuries

Construction workers in North Carolina may deal with a number of job-related hazards on a daily basis. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 65 percent of workers in the construction industry frequently work at heights on scaffolds. This also means that some of the most common accidents suffered by construction workers involve scaffolds and related equipment, like lifts, ladders and hoists. Because they take place from heights, the injuries caused by scaffolding accidents can be severe and life-changing.

11 rules for safe chemical handling in North Carolina

Chemical handlers and their employers can consider the following safety rules, leaving out some and adding any of their own depending on the needs of their workplace. The first rule is to follow all established procedures. Employers therefore have to ensure proper training. Secondly, employers should have emergency procedures in place, such as for evacuation and incident reporting.

Five safety tips for machine workers and their employers

Anyone in North Carolina who has to work around small or heavy-duty machinery should know about the dangers. Improper use of machinery, as well as its poor maintenance, can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Both employees and employers will want to consider the five safety tips given below to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Struck-by injuries and how to prevent them

Among OSHA's Construction Focus Four (the four hazards that together cause the majority of fatalities at construction sites) is the struck-by object. Struck-by accidents constitute the widest range of threats, covering objects that fly, fall, swing or roll, so North Carolina workers will want to know how to prevent them.

OSHA needs heat stress standards for workers, groups say

To date, OSHA has no federal standards for the protection of indoor and outdoor workers against extremely hot environments. This heat exposure can lead to an often fatal condition called heat stress. Federal data shows that heat stress killed 783 U.S. workers and seriously injured 69,374 others between the years 1992 and 2016. North Carolina residents should know, however, that there may be changes on the way.

The risks of heat exposure

According to a new study, North Carolina residents could be at risk for heat stroke even when the heat index is less than 91 degrees. If a person has heart disease, diabetes or uses illicit drugs, they could have a fluid imbalance. Workers could also be more likely to experience heat stroke if they are required to work outside while wearing bulky clothing.

Criminal activities create workplace hazards for some workers

Law enforcement, emergency medical technicians, government employees and healthcare workers in North Carolina have a chance of encountering unpredictable and dangerous conditions while doing their jobs. Often associated with urban environments, homeless camps or methamphetamine labs produce problems like used needles, dumped hazardous chemicals or violent people protecting territory. The founder of an occupational safety company advises employers to identify potential risks to workers and train them how to protect their safety.

Workers face daily risk from falls on the job

Workers in North Carolina may face an array of unexpected dangers on the job. Whether they work in an environment with known risks, like construction, or in a less physical space, like a typical office, employees may face a number of hazards leading to workplace accidents and injuries. For example, falls, slips and trips are the cause of many serious incidents in the workplace. While many people may think of this type of accident as minor, they have taken lives. In fact, in 2014 alone, 660 workers were killed in accidents related to falls from a height while 138 workers lost their lives when they fell at the same level.

The dangers of handling garbage

North Carolina residents and others who choose to work in the sanitation field face a variety of dangers. In the first 10 days of 2018, seven sanitation workers died according to the Solid Waste Association of North America. In addition to the risk of dying on the job, workers in this industry could get hurt handling heavy loads and climbing on and off trucks repeatedly.

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