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Watch Out for Slip-and-Falls This Fall

Published October 21, 2020 by The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A.
Watch Out for Slip-and-Falls This Fall

Many people consider winter to be the most dangerous time of year for slip-and-fall injuries. While black ice may be a common cause of falling injuries, it is not the only one. The autumn season brings many of its own causes to these types of injuries, and it is vital not to underestimate the damage they can cause.

Falling injuries are the number one cause of death among older adults in America. It may be hard to imagine that a short fall onto the ground can be so deadly, but when these injuries take thousands of lives annually, no one should underestimate them.

What Causes Autumn Falls?

Part of what makes a fall so dangerous is how unprepared we are for them. Falls usually catch us off guard, which is what leads to us slipping in the first place. When we know what to look out for, we are more likely to avoid falling. Some causes of these falls in the autumn include:

  • Wet leaves – after a rain shower, the leaves on the ground can become slick and slide out from under our feet.
  • Mud – the fall season sees a fair amount of rainfall in most places. Like leaves, it can be just as easy to miss a mud puddle.
  • Less daylight – it can be surprising how late the sun rises or how fast it sets in the fall. When you find yourself in the dark outside, you could miss your footing on a step or curb and fall over.

The most crucial action you can take to avoid a slip and fall is to watch out for them. Look out for wet areas, dark walkways, and even loose handrails, as they can all contribute to a severe fall.

How to Recover

The consequences of a serious slip-and-fall can take days to develop, or appear immediately. If you have suffered from a slip-and-fall injury, contact a personal injury attorney right away to determine how you can get the best possible outcome in your claim.

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