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How to help the SSDI application process move faster

When North Carolina residents apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, they may find that the process moves too slowly. People who apply for benefits often need the support urgently, so the delays and lags in the process can be difficult to deal with. There is often little a person can do to speed up the pace of an application, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Medical records and work history for SSDI claims

North Carolina residents who submit a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance should be aware of how their work history and medical records are used in the ultimate determination. A claimant's work history and medical records will be reviewed by a disability examiner at the Disability Determination Services.

Pursuing SSD benefits at a disability hearing

Many North Carolina applicants for Social Security Disability may be concerned about the impact of an upcoming hearing before administrative law judges regarding their applications. After applying for SSD benefits, a claimant will go through an initial review process. If denied at that level, he or she can seek a reconsideration appeal. At these levels, there is little that an applicant can do to supplement the record or avoid a denial as disability examiners will review the record based on the original application and the additional materials they seek out.

Factors that influence application decision timelines

When a North Carolina disability case is sent to an examiner, there is no timetable in which the case must be approved or denied. However, this doesn't mean that a lengthy review process is the result of someone being lazy or holding a grudge against an applicant. Instead, the most important factor in how long it takes to make a determination is how long it takes to access relevant medical records.

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