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Roundabouts Can Affect Pedestrian Safety

Published September 10, 2018 by The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A.

Pedestrians in North Carolina may choose to walk for a number of reasons, including health, lack of a vehicle or even to reduce their carbon footprints. When an adult walks instead of drives to their destination, they will need to take care to remain safe while on the road.

Unfortunately, for some pedestrians, walking can be a dangerous activity. There are many motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians each year, which means that both motorists and pedestrians need to take care to prevent accidents while on the road.

Recent studies show that there are several ways that roadways can be improved for pedestrians. For example, rural roundabouts can save lives. The reason is that vehicles are forced to slow down. While some cars may run stoplights or stop signs, there is no way to drive through a roundabout while speeding. Cars are forced to reduce their speed considerably, which helps ensure that they are paying careful attention to the roads while driving.

When pedestrians cross the road near or in a roundabout, they should take care to cross in a marked crosswalk. Additionally, pedestrians should be careful to wear bright clothing that makes them more visible to passing vehicles. This is especially important for pedestrians who walk, jog, or run during the evening or at night.

Sometimes, despite taking proper precautions, accidents still occur. Some victims might be entitled to monetary compensation after becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident. A lawyer may be able to offer insight and guidance as to how to proceed after an accident. Compensation after an accident is intended to minimize the victim’s medical bills as well as to assist with emotional and physical trauma sustained during the injury.

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