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Lack of Experience Leads to Teen Driver Crashes

Published October 30, 2018 by The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A.
Lack of Experience Leads to Teen Driver Crashes

Supervised driving practice is as important as ever for teenage drivers in North Carolina, based on a study of all the states by AAA. Its Foundation for Traffic Safety has published research that indicates teen drivers are likelier to be involved in fatal crashes when they are carrying teenage passengers than when they are carrying older passengers. More than a million car accidents were reported in 2016 involving teenage drivers, and they caused more than 3,200 car accident deaths.

According to the research, the fatality rate for everyone involved in a crash with a teenage driver increased by 51 percent if the teen driver had only other teenagers in the vehicle. If the teen driver had passengers over the age of 35, on the other hand, the fatality rate was cut by 8 percent. When teens were driving with only teenage passengers, the rate of fatalities was 56 percent higher for people in other vehicles, 17 percent higher for cyclists and pedestrians and 45 percent higher for the teenage drivers.

Additionally, the study found that the rate of fatalities in crashes involving teenage drivers rose in connection with night driving or exceeding the speed limit. AAA made a recommendation that teen drivers receive 100 hours or more of driving practice under supervision before they get behind the wheel on their own. The AAA Chicago director of public affairs said teenager’s lack of experience with driving leads to many of these crashes.

In a traffic accident fatality case, the family of the deceased might assert claims for wrongful death. In cases where people are injured in auto accidents, another driver or insurance company might be responsible to pay for damages. A lawyer with experience in personal injury law might be able to help the injured party by gathering documentary evidence or deposing witnesses. An attorney might be able to negotiate fair settlements with the insurance companies involved.

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