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Inspection Blitz Finds Driver and Truck Violations

Published September 19, 2018 by The Law Offices of John Drew Warlick, P.A.

In June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its International Roadcheck inspection blitz. During that time, there were 11,897 taken off of the road in addition to 2,664 drivers. Of the inspections that were conducted, 45,400 were the Level I variety. For drivers, the most common reason why they were taken out of service was for hours-of-service violations. Other top reasons included not having the right type of drivers license and false record of duty status.

Other issues that resulted in drivers been taken off the road were being impaired by drugs or alcohol or having an expired license. For trucks that were taken off of the road, the most common violations were related to brakes, brake systems and issues with the truck’s tires and wheels. They were also ordered off the road because of lighting, steering and exhaust problems.

If a truck is involved in an accident, it could result in significant injuries to occupants of other vehicles. It could also result in a pedestrian getting hurt as well. Accident victims may be entitled to compensation if the crash was caused by a truck driver’s negligence. There are many ways in which drivers could be negligent in big rig accidents. For instance, drivers may have been going too fast for road conditions when they occurred.

Negligence may also occur if a driver was impaired or tired while operating the truck, or if the truck was not properly maintained. People who are in this situation might want to meet with an attorney to see what recourse they might have.

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