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3 causes of holiday injuries for retail workers

As the winter holiday season gets into full swing, your retail store is becoming busier, more demanding and hazardous. Not only can you face distractions and stress due to your personal holiday to-do list, but your job itself may become particularly dangerous during this festive time of year. 

It is crucial to prioritize your health and safety at your workplace during the holiday rush. Your employer and managers should be proactive in ensuring you do not sustain injuries. Here are some holiday safety concerns for retail employees.

1. Stress

It is no secret that the holiday season is full of stress. Not only do you need to worry about purchasing gifts, attending dinners or perhaps even planning a holiday party, but the retail industry faces a lot more commotion as shoppers swarm stores. Due to the increase in demand, you may need to work longer shifts or even overnight. With all of this additional stress, you are at a higher risk of getting hurt. 

2. Fatigue

You may not be getting adequate rest because of your work hours and stressful thoughts. This can lead to tiredness that may be dangerous. When you are sleepy on the job, you may not be able to properly assess hazards or adhere to safe work practices. Your employer should not overwork you to the point it puts you in danger.

3. Violence

Unfortunately, it is possible that you may be a victim of a violent act during the holiday shopping rush. Whether it is on Black Friday or the last few days before Christmas, your store may be full of people who are frantically rushing to get a deal. The holiday shopping frenzy can result in trampling. According to the CDC, a retail worker died from being trampled in 2008. Your workplace should have crowd control and security plans in place to prevent this type of tragedy from occurring.

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