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How to help the SSDI application process move faster

When North Carolina residents apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, they may find that the process moves too slowly. People who apply for benefits often need the support urgently, so the delays and lags in the process can be difficult to deal with. There is often little a person can do to speed up the pace of an application, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

People who have not yet filed their claim but have an appointment for an SSDI benefits application interview can help to reduce processing time by bringing all of the information that could be required by the claims representative. These materials can include the applicant's birth certificate, social security card, life insurance information, investment details, photo identification, proof of marriage or divorce and any record of past military service. Applicants can also bring a list of all of their current medications and dosages, a written history of their employment experience over the past 15 years and a list of all of their doctors and sources of treatment.

It is important to include all treatment sources, not only those focused on the specific issue prompting a disability claim. In some cases, people are approved for disability benefits based on a different issue than the primary problem they addressed in their application. In addition, applicants can include dates of treatment and specific physician names as this can help to reduce the amount of time the disability examiner waits to receive medical records.

People going through the Social Security Disability Insurance application process often face an initial denial, even if their application will eventually be successful. By working with a disability attorney, however, applicants can substantially enhance their chances of approval. Legal counsel can make sure their materials are complete, correct and meet the specific standards required.

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